The sidewalk chalk artist (A Street Poem)

No paints and not one canvas
Nothing sellable at all
But, an artist is an artist
With art to share with all

No profit in creations
No way to sell his works
But he creates pieces of magic
With lots of different quirks

His tools are nothing special
Pastels and pieces of old chalk
His canvasses are static
They’re the place that people walk

He’s a sidewalk chalk pastel artist
With only digital designs
His work goes with the weather
Cracked pavement creates lines

No matter where he travels
He can work when the muse strikes
But, he has to watch out for street walkers
And folks riding through on bikes

His pictures are amazing
Where real life ends you can not tell
But, because there is no canvas
He has nothing to sell

He creates from chalk and pastels
He is an artist just the same
As those with paint and easels
He just plays a different game

Donations are his lifes blood
An empty cup beside him lies
Stand back and be awed by
His artwork before it dies.


  1. if i wrote how i talk….i’d have some people wanting me join groups i shouldn’t, the political correctness police would be at my door, and others who do follow me, would realize i was writing about them, and would curl up into a ball. i’m better at characters, (made from these same people who haven’t figured it out yet). lol. have fun, and if there are any topics you like….let me know, i may already have something you can read….


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  2. I’m going to go thru yours as well. 🙂 on my way to drink wine and paint lol good lord I smell a blog in the making. Haha. I’m super sarcastic and I wrote exactly how I talk.. good luck reading hah

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  3. thanks for the reblog….this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship… i’ve truly enjoyed what i’ve read of yours so far……will be spending more time tomorrow reading…..look for more reblogs….i’m sure i’ll find plenty. two different styles….

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