Too damn drunk to play

I fell into a bottle
Four Presidents ago
looking for the hidden song
At least that’s what they say

Once I thought I found it
I was half way in or deeper
When I got out and took the stage
I was far too drunk to play

Every bottle has a song
somewhere deep inside
I haven’t found one yet though
but, damn…i know I’ve tried

Each line upon my weary face
And scar upon my fingers
is the end result of searching for
the song that always lingers

It wasn’t in the last bottle
but, in the next it may be there
so for now, i’ll just keep searching
for the song that isn’t there

there’s songs in other places too
too dark for me to go
some find songs inside the needle
those aren’t songs I want to know

I come by my songs honestly
my scars show I’ve looked deep
But, when I’m almost there and see the song
That’s kinda when I fall asleep

when I’m sober, I never hear them
but, once I’m drinking, then I hear
The song calling from a bottle
I’m like an alcoholic seer

I know I’ll find the right one
And it just may be today
I only hope I find it
Before I’m too damn drunk to play
I only hope I find it
Before I’m too damn drunk to play


  1. thanks for re blogging my post. i know my name is on there as the author, but, don’t appreciate the way the title comes up as “The old man at the casino by AAA Online Casinos”, please change that . it makes it appear as if you wrote it, you have 24 hours, or you can drop it from your site.


  2. see….my characters are always connecting with someone. let him see what he can do with anything that you connect with. there is a song on youtube i wrote, “redneck family reunion” . search for it….look for “steelhorse redneck family reunion” and let me know what you think.

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