The Strange Visitor ( A Street Poem)

Another dark day in this dismal old place
Snow clouds were moving in fast
The sky was so dark, and the wind had a chill
This was a storm that was sure gonna last

At Cy’s, The Old Pawn Shop was empty except
For Cy and the stores old dog Gruff
The storm was en route and Cy figured that this
Was a good time to go through the stuff

Years of memories, years of tall tales
They were all on the shelves in this store
There was all sorts of jewellery, tvs and clothes
And in the back was at least 40 years more

The door opened sharp and the bell startled Cy
He was checking the watches and clocks
A young man came in, dressed all in black
Cy said “push hard or the damn thing don’t lock”

The young man was tall, about six two I’d say
Cy had never seen him before in his life
He’d said “Sir, I’ve an offer, you can take or can leave”
“And it’s the best one you’ve had all your life”

Cy looked at the man, intrigued though he was
He said “Sit, and I’ll put on some tea”
He went to the door, checked the oncoming storm
And then he put the sign up…”BE BACK AT 3″

They sat and they talked, and they laughed as the wind
Blew the snow up against the front door
Cy pulled out some books, went and made some more tea
Then the man left and left Cy in the store.

Later that night, under cover of darkness
The man came on back with a truck
Cy opened up, and with Gruff by his side
They watched as the man quickly loaded the truck

Two days had passed, and the whole town was white
The storm closed the town for a day
The streets were a mess and the schools were all closed
And the kids had the day off to play

On the third day, the town, woke up almost as one
With people phoning up Cy’s by the score
For as they all left for work, there all wrapped up in brown
Was a box, sitting by their front doors

Jim, was the first, opened his box outside
Saw the watch that he pawned with Old Cy
Gianni, and Mike, and others as well
Received items they’d pawned by  and by

In total you see, almost 200 folks
Opened boxes paid off that dark night
Christmas was early for folks in the town
Given by a young man, who’d done right

Cy gave the names of the people he knew
Even though it was against the Pawn shop man’s creed
He’d loaned out the money in interest free loans
To these folks that he knew were in need

About  five thirty that day, the young man returned
Cy and old Gruff were waiting inside
They spoke how his stunt was a universal success
And at this, they both laughed till they cried

The man rose from his seat, shook Cy by the hand
Cy asked “Why did you come here?”
The man answered “I’m here after my Mum”
“Her names Mary, and I heard she serves beer”

I said “The Street” poems were done, but I thought….I needed to keep them alive, so here is a tale bringing in Cy (The Pawn Shop) and Mary (The Bartender) back into play. Read them along with the others to refresh yourself with the street. It could be interesting now that Mary’s son is back, the son the town didn’t know about.


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