Rodeo Clown

Sitting ‘neath an apple tree
In Edmond, Oklahoma
Thinking of the days gone by
And drinking my Corona

Body beat all black and blue
I’ve have less ups than I’ve had downs
I guess that is the story of
An old time rodeo clown

Should I stay another season?
Is it worth what I will get?
Money, pain, and broken bones
The few not broken yet

I’ve been gored by bulls in Texas
Stomped real hard in Abilene
But, I got my worst darn beating
By my ex, named Bobbi Jean

With a bull, you see it coming
You just get outa the way
But, Bobbi Jean sideswiped me
And I’ll not forget that day

Put on some clown makeup
Baggy pants, the game is on
But, I came home from one junket
And Bobbi Jean, had up and gone

I wasn’t set to find this
Fell in a bottle for a week
It wasn’t bad she left me
It’s that she took my hound dog …Zeke

That hurt more than any beating
I may have taken in the ring
I can take the biggest brahma
And the bruises it may bring

But, Bobbi Jean done hurt me
Blind sided me, you’d say
I know I’ll not forgive her
For the pain she caused that day

Now, I sit and ponder
One more empty by my side
Am I fit enough to stay here
Can I stay for one more ride?

I know it’s a sad story
Of a clown who’s heart was broke
But, beneath this colored face paint
I’m just an aging, sore cowpoke

So I sit beneath this fruit tree
In Edmond, Oklahoma
Pondering my future
As I drink one more Corona


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