A Town Called Evermore

tune of ….riders on the storm by johnny cash and willie nelson

the sky was getting darker
The storm was moving in
The tumbleweeds were rolling
The devil’s come again

We’d had a storm a week ago
And a new one…on the way
The preacher said to get prepared
The devil’s come to play

The town was all in shambles
From the storm that hit last week
The flooding not subsided
From the overflowing creek

The town was all but kindling
Not much more than a shell
The storm that came a week ago
Was from the devil down in hell

The preacher told the townsfolk
To pray more than before
This storm was coming mighty fast
To finish Evermore

He said to let the horses loose
They’d find shelter where they could
He said to board the windows up
And gather all loose wood

The devil had a different tack
As he brewed his storm from hell
The lightning was beginning
As rain and hailstones fell

The people ran for cover
As the wheel from Sumters Mill
Came rolling through the Walkers barn
And continued up the hill

The preacher stood defiant
As the devil did lay waste
To what was left of Evermore
It’s demise he could taste

The preacher grabbed his bible
And he held it to the sky
He screamed aloud the devils name
and said “Give it your best try”

The wind was really howling
The rain was coming down
The creek was overflowing
And was streaming to the town

The preacher screaming skyward
This town you will not take
It was then the earth did rumble
And Evermore did shake

The devil turned it up a notch
The town was in his way
The preacher was still standing
And would not go away

The devil brought his minions
From hell on hounds they rode
while the preacher stood defiant
And the creek still overflowed

The townsfolk watched the battle
From the safety down below
They hunkered in root cellars
There was nowhere else to go

The preacher faced the devil
Held his book up to the sky
He screamed aloud the devils name
and said “This town will not die”

The skies were full of sagebrush
Wood and remnants from last week
The preacher yelled so loudly
That he could barely speak

The devil did grow tired
Of the man up on the hill
He drew his storm clouds back to hell
I think he’d had his fill

The preacher stood and smiled
As the storm clouds left the sky
Today was not to be the day
That Evermore would die

He knew deep down the devil would
Come roaring through once more
To try and take the hope away
And take the town of Evermore


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