Take another road

If you don’t know where you’re going
And you have a heavy load
You can always change direction
And take another road

There’s always more than one way to the finish
If one leads in, one leads out
Take another road to where you’re going
And you’ll find it round about

Life is never straight line
It’s a circle never ending
To get to where you’re going
Take another road that’s bending

Things aren’t going well at home
The cracks around you showed
It’s time to get away and go
And Take another road

Find a different destination
kiss a frog, or kiss a toad
If a prince does not appear
Then take another road

Life is always in constant motion
Bear the weight, and you’ll be bowed
Get away from a bad situation
And Take another road

Take another road away
You’ll make good time, I’m sure
Another road will lead the way
That’s what a road is for
If the road on which you travel
Is forked, there is a code
If you don’t like one, then choose the other
And take another road

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