sheriff in a one horse town

Five hundred fifty seven people
Help populate this place
I know most of them by their first name
And I know most every face
We have three stops signs
Two traffic lights and seventeen dead ends
Most folks here are family
The others…real good friends
Our welcome sign’s hand painted
Turned it out in fifty nine
Back when the township had expanded
Past the Mason township line
You see, I’m the local sherrif
Been voted in for thirty years
No one really wants to do it
You see, the town is in arrears
We’ve got one cop, a judge as well
A fire chief and jp
The thing that makes us different
Is that all of them …. is me
I’m the sherrif in a one horse town
That’s up the creek without a paddle
You see, I do not own a horse
And I can’t afford a saddle
We’re mostly all retired
A few run stores and others farm
Since we’re mostly all related
No one does each other harm
Our crime rate…nonexistent
You see, a bank’s one thing we lack
And if somebody steals stuff
We just make him give it back
Our town has zero growth here
In fact our growth’s recessive
Years back our former mayor once said
“We make the Amish look progressive”
We’ve a diner on our main street
Been there since nineteen forty one
Was opened by May Willicott
Her boy was fighting ‘gainst the huns
Next door to her the library
the post office , then city hall
One thing you will not find here
Is a shiny shopping mall
Most folks here don’t use money
We just barter and we trade
We closed the bank a few years back
Best decision that we made
Each year we make a purchase
Spend some money, not too much
We buy a book for the town library
We buy some magazines and such
On July 4th we celebrate
Independence Day as planned
We have a picnic in the town square
And folks listen to the band
Two banjos, drums a bass and horn
two guitars and one kazoo
Three singers from the local church
rock the old “red white and blue”
You can’t find us on google
There’s no road map shows we’re here
But I’m the Sherrif of a one horse town
That wayward drivers fear
You could say that we’re a speed trap
We’re set up to get you twice
We’ll catch you speeding coming in
And on your exit…just as nice
We bought the land outside the town
About 500 yards each way
And we dropped the speed to twenty
It’s on the sign…as plain as day
It might be hidden by a bush or two
But it’s there as sure as not
We take credit cards and cash as well
We make you pay when you get caught
You see I’m Sheriff in a one horse town
We have everything we need
There’s no reason for a visit
But if you do ….reduce your speed


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