She can’t dance

Twisting, writhing bodies
All in rhythm to the beat
Their bodies keeping perfect time
To the movement of their feet

A hot and humid dance floor
All in the bands control
Except one wayward dancer
Dancing like a newborn foal

I loved her when I saw her
Arms akimbo, who knows where
Dancing to a different drummer
Face obscured by flying hair

She had the rythym of a metronome
That was broken, out of beat
And in my mind I could just picture
Barney Rubbles flying feet

She didn’t care what they were playing
She surely couldn’t keep in time
While they were playing four beats
She was hearing at least nine

She didn’t care if people watched her
She danced alone and had her fun
sometimes she just kept dancing
long after the song was sung

I don’t know what she was hearing
What song was playing in her mind
She was light upon her feet
but she was heavy upon mine

She danced with full emotion
She let the music draw her in
She danced where ever it would take her
She couldn’t dance…is that a sin?

I loved her sense of freedom
She couldn’t dance and didn’t care
I’m just as bad as she is
And now we’re a timeless dancing pair.

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