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Hillbilly Heart

hillbilly heart The city makes my heart beat change To a speed I can’t endure I start to sweat and I can’t breathe To me there only is one cure I have to leave the city life Leave the commotion far behind I’ve got to hit the country For that is where I’ll find I have got a hillbilly heart It’s beats in banjo time … Continue reading Hillbilly Heart

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Be the artist

Be The Artist (re-edited) Do you live your life through movies? Through good music or through books? Do you fashion how you live your life By how another looks? Are you trendy or a classic? Never straying from the line Do you change your hairdo weekly Well, if you do….that’s fine Self image is a fickle beast It’s one we can’t control As one listens … Continue reading Be the artist

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writer’s block blues

Writers Block Blues I got my guitar i’m sittin’ here writing songs and drinking beer written nothing you’d want to hear really…nothing…squat no one bugs me working hard the kids are playing in the yard the dog is sleeping keeping guard I’ve nothing…bupkiss…squat I’ve got the writers block blues can’t write nothing…’cept bad news I’ve got the writers block blues got nothing to lose while … Continue reading writer’s block blues

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