Hair Issues during the pandemic?

Let’s face it. A lot of business owners are open that should not really be considered essential. I am not going to name them, in case any of you are employed by one, or are one. However, one business that was not thought to be essential was the good old fashioned neighborhood barber shop or hair stylist.

You can get a coffee at the drive through, but, if your hair keeps falling into it, what good is it really?

We all started out thinking this would be a 14 day thing, as we were told that was the length of the isolation if you were thought to have the virus. Here we are on day 1…


Two weeks pass, things are now getting worse world wide and you look into the mirror and see…


The hair is a little bigger and fluffier, you now have the Barry Gibb thing going. You need product to keep it in place. You watch the news…and the isolation period is extended by the government another 30 days. Those pass and you walk into the bathroom and then…

manson is staring at you. You feel fine though, the voices aren’t quite so loud yet, as they are going to become. The thoughts of a haircut are now gone. Now, it’s HELTER SKELTER in your head. You watch the news, and great news….the government is opening a few businesses that it missed, but, not barber shops or stylists. There are tips on cutting your bangs on every morning show…BANGS!!! Look at me….I don’t think my bangs are my most important item to trim right now.

This morning I decided to embrace the hair, let it just go, and this is what I have 47 days in…


Have a great weekend, and see you at the barber shop when this is all over.


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