Muddled world of sports… tennis, horse racing, baseball, sports illustrated swimsuit

I don’t think, in fact I know, we have not done Tennis on here yet. I am not going to do silly tennis like Benny Hill, but, serious tennis. The first real star that I remember hearing about and watching was Rod Laver of Australia. He was the best of his era. Here is a match from 1969.

Horse racing is one of the fastest sports out there. While it may end up with an injury to the horse, it is truly one of the most exciting sports ever. Winning the triple Crown of racing, The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness and Belmont Stakes is a rare feat. In 1973 it was done by Secretariat, one of the finest horses ever. Here is the Belmont Stakes race to complete the crown, arguably one of the best races ever run.

Back to baseball for a bit. The home run record is owned by Barry Bonds at 762. To me, the number that counted was always 714 by Babe Ruth. I was 12 when Hank Aaron moved the number to 715. Here is the one I count as the big one, the one that broke the real record.

Now to close today, for the sports fan that loves Sports Illustrated magazine for one edition only…

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