I’m not one for superstitions
Generally things are going good
I don’t believe in charms or trinkets
You must believe me, knock on wood

Spill some salt, throw over shoulder
Never do that one at all
You have to watch just where you toss it
If you’re eating at the mall

You get bad luck for breaking mirrors
The curse has seven years of life
But, marry wrong…it lasts forever
Would you trade your mirror for your wife?

Good luck comes from certain idols
Rabbits feet and lucky charms
If that’s true I have one question
Are there three footed rabbit farms?

Voodoo dolls they have bad juju
Zombies coming from the dead
I know I am not superstitious
But, I have garlic round my bed

Black cats and a leaning ladder
bad luck say the witches queen
But if bad luck is all around us
Why do people like 13?

Tea leaf reading and the tarot
Horoscopes and chicken bones
I think that they are just full of blarney
I don’t believe but, I’ll kiss the stone.

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