When does the liquor start talking?

At what point , does the liquor
Start doing the talking?
At what point do you cease to exist?
Is it three shots, or four shots
When the liquor starts talking
You are buzzed but you aren’t really pissed
The people around you
Notice you’re slightly different
The bartender says to you
“no more drinks”
But the liquor inside you,
Tells him where he can stick it
The liquor’s in charge now, me thinks
You try to control it
You try not to listen
You want to pack up and go home
But, the liquor inside you
Says, fuck…keep on drinking
I’m in charge now,
And you’re not alone.
It happens so quickly
The old you gets buried
The new you comes out
Between rounds
It’s funny, it happens
When the liquor takes over
And it does it
without making a sound
Some people surface
when the liquor is talking
The new person is
much more fun
But, tomorrow…you’ll know
that the liquor was talking
When your head hurts
at the sound of the sun
Drinking ain’t evil
It’s just a product of living life large
But, watch out you people
for when the liquor starts talking
you know you’re no longer in charge
So, when does it happen ?
When the liquor takes over
Is it three shots or possibly more?
You’ll know, yes I’m certain
when the liquor is talking
That is when they will show you
the door.

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