Fifty Shades of …..sleigh

We’ve all seen old Santa Claus
On his sleigh of colours bright
He flies around the world in it
And he does it in one night
But, have you truly seen it
I mean, the colours on the sides
Have you ever really noticed
Santa’s fancy ride

I’ve seen it in the shopping mall
Down here it’s shining red
But, that’s a store designers choice
It’s a colour from their head
I’ve seen the sleigh in different hues
I’ve seen it all in green
It’s never really all the same
Do you now see what I mean?

Certain countries of the world
Do not allow some hues
Some are just for royalty
And some are just bad news
A black sleigh, never seen the like
Santa wouldn’t ride in that
It would just look like eight reindeer
Being chased by a big bat

Blues, and yellow, red and white
There’s choices to be made
Depending upon where he is
It takes on a different shade
I prefer the red one
It’s my favorite, I must say
But when you look at all the colours
There is fifty shades of …sleigh!!!

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