Johnny Comes Marching Home


The year of Eighteen Sixty Five

Lincoln, shot and dead

The war was all but over

Destruction in it’s stead

Blue and Grey divided

A nation great and strong

Was there ever a true winner?

So much of this was wrong

Brothers against brothers

Tearing families apart

It was a war with different issues

At Fort Sumter did it start

Slaves were not the forefront

When the war became a war

It was a war to stop secession

Then it became so much more

Johnny Reb comes marching home

Not the home that he once knew

It was now a state of new rebuilding

There was no more Grey, just Blue

Did it truly make the country

Unified under one flag?

Or did it become so much more splintered

Under a torn and tattered rag?

A President was murdered

But, the war, continued on

The ties that once did bind them

Were now just truly gone

The beauty of the country

Burned on Shermans’ seaward trek

Left the Southern states demolished

And the plantations, just a wreck

The slaves were granted freedom

Through Emancipation at the end

But, in the south, it never happened

The landowners had to bend

Although the war was over

Slaves were free men after all

But, with nowhere left to go to

It was like a game without a bal

l Many stayed and cropshared

Worked the same land as before

Now, they worked the land as freemen

Nothing less, and nothing more

Brothers still divided

Blue and Grey deep in their souls

Almost eight score years have passed

And the nation is still not whole

Grant and Lee at Appomatox

Ended the war and sent men on their way

But, it took days for the message to be heard

and Many more died in those days

Three Quarters of a Million Lost their lives

, in this young nation

One thing never altered

The place of a man’s station

It split apart the country

Broke it down, to build anew

But, did it really matter

Now, with Johnny Reb in Blue?

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