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The Piper at Dunblane

The Piper at Dunblane A chanter cracked from overuse Cheeks salt stained from shed tears Shed for those who lost their lives Lost well before their years The piper played for seventeen Who never saw their best Amazing Grace hung in the air While our hearts beat in our chests The massacre at Dunblane School took seventeen that day One teacher and lo, sixteen more … Continue reading The Piper at Dunblane

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The Art Teacher

The Art Teacher Art class was a given A bird course as they say But, our teacher had gone awol You could say he flew away They found him at a campsite Cross legged on a mat Naked, drinking cool aid And talking to his cat He snapped while teaching concepts beyond the grasp of teenage kids Who only wanted to pass time and be … Continue reading The Art Teacher

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The Actor

The Actor Teaching high school kids the craft Directing them in their school show Teenagers singing just off key With a band that’s one beat slow Holding rehearsals when the gym is free Have you really sunk this low Are you truly at your bottom Or are you “Waiting for Godot”? “YOU’RE ON IN FIFTEEN MINUTES…MR. WILSON” Doing plays in local theater groups With untrained¬†¬†amateurs … Continue reading The Actor

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