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The Piper at Dunblane

The Piper at Dunblane A chanter cracked from overuse Cheeks salt stained from shed tears Shed for those who lost their lives Lost well before their years The piper played for seventeen Who never saw their best Amazing Grace hung in the air While our hearts beat in our chests The massacre at Dunblane School took seventeen that day One teacher and lo, sixteen more … Continue reading The Piper at Dunblane

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The Prayer of a Soldiers Wife

The Prayer of A Soldier’s Wife Dear Lord, please hear my prayer Each night I ask the same I’m sure you know me well by now So, I will not leave my name My husband is a soldier Doing duty overseas I pray you have a moment to listen to me, please We have two growing children And they need their dad around Please see … Continue reading The Prayer of a Soldiers Wife

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The Captain ( A Street Poem)

The Captain He sat all alone, drinking jim beam and coke Looking out as the waves crashed ashore He kept to himself, drinking jim beam and coke As the storm winds would batter the door He’d only come in when the weather was rough Sitting alone, drinking Jim Beam and coke Looking out at the waves never saying a word Just this man and his … Continue reading The Captain ( A Street Poem)

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