I don’t understand Thanksgiving
I don’t understand it at all
Instead of giving thanks for things
We sit and watch football
Americans give thanks each year
For the bounties in their life
Like freedom, food and housing
A loving family, little strife
But, in Canada, it’s different
We give thanks, slightly the same
But, ours is a holiday from politicians
It’s not held the day we came
We watch football, and eat turkey
Gorge ourselves and fall asleep
Leaving dishes till tomorrow
We know the mess will keep
but, if Thanksgiving has true meaning
And we give thanks, I want to know
Who are we truly thanking really
Is it God ? I need to know
Are we thanking God for loving us
Even though he can’t be seen
Do we thank ourselves for what we’ve earned
It’s not as easy as it seems
I mean, really when it comes down to it
What is Thanksgiving truly for?
Is it to gorge ourselves on turkey
So we can watch football some more
It’s not something that I’m fond of
It’s a day off work, that’s all
I’m thankful for my bounty
But, I don’t know who to call
To tell that I am thankful
I’m a transplant here you see
I don’t understand Thanksgiving
It don’t mean much to me
If a homeless man is thankful
Is it right that some are not
They just eat and watch their football
All the things that he has not
He’s as thankful as the next man
In fact I’d say he’s more
Because to him, a true thanksgiving
Doesn’t need to have a score.

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