My life is a train wreck

my life is a train wreck

My life may be a train wreck
I drink hard to hide the pain
Even though I am a train wreck
I’m still the driver of this train

Haven’t been derailed as yet
But,  I’ve almost left the track
Even though I am a train wreck
I keep on coming back

I’ve spent some time in lock up
Just in county for a night
For being drunk in public
And a few times for a fight

My life is heading nowhere
But I’m making damn good time
My life is just a train wreck
Brother, spare a dime

The rabbit hole is calling
Do I venture down to see?
Do I listen to the voices?
Even if the voice is me

I’m a train wreck set to happen
I went to church once to confess
I passed out while I was waiting
Even sober, I’m a mess

I won’t go into details
About the mistakes I have made
Let’s say in life’s account book
I didn’t make the grade

My life it is a train wreck
One day I’ll leave the rails
It’s a 50 50 bet though
I chose heads and I get tails

One more drink tonight though
Then some shelter from the storm
I’ll find a dumpster somewhere
One that’s full so I keep warm

My name it’s not important
You won’t remember, so don’t ask
I can see the whole way through you
There are cracks there in your mask

Let me live in silence
Let me die the same way too
My life it is a train wreck
And there’s no room here for two

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