muddled world of sports… Boxing, football, golf

The most recognized athlete in the world, in my opinion was and always will be Casius Clay, or Muhammad Ali. While other sports have athletes known in their regions, Ali transcended locality and was a world wide icon. Here is one of his more famous fights with Joe Frazier

Talk football and the first thing brought up is the NFL. It is the bigger, louder league, more publicized, more teams etc…etc. However, in Canada, you will  (or had better) get another response. The CFL is our league. We have one fewer down, have to still travel 10 yards, have an longer field and oh yeah WE HAVE BIGGER BALLS!. Here is one of our legends, Ron Lancaster of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Ask any golfer who was one of biggest names no one knew. Who was the golfer who scared Hogan by his talent? You will get the same answer Moe Norman. Moe was a strange little man with the most unorthodox swing in golf, but, man, could he play. His story is too long to put here, I’ll have to do it in stages. I was lucky to watch him at a clinic years ago and it was amazing what he could do.



  1. Also Give The People What They Want…. I love Better Thing…I haven’t heard that in a while


  2. Run For Your Life would be good….I’ve done the others. It Won’t Be Long was my first favorite Beatle song.
    Tomorrow Never Knows should be coming this weekend as well.
    I agree with the football mess.

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  3. I have a few for you to look up. Who Can I Turn To? Have a Little Talk With Myself (sammy davis jr.) I’ll begin again. (sammy davis jr.) Careful Man and New York’s Not my home (jim Croce)


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