Muddled world of sports… hockey, skiing, music and lots more

Here’s hoping that you are all adapting to the lack of sports. If you are a front line worker, medical staff, police, fire,  or anyone else who is on the firing line with the virus…THANK YOU.

Now, to start today’s post. Here for the hockey fans is an episode of It Happened on HNIC. If you remember Jim Schoenfeld, first, you are old, second, you will certainly remember this clip. Unfortunately, I am old enough to remember him as a player on the old Hamilton Red Wings.

For the baseball fans, I have a classic game for you. From 1968, 52 years ago. Game 7 of The World Series between The Detroit Tigers and The St. Louis Cardinals. As a Tiger fan, I love this game. As a baseball fan, I love this game. This is when players showed team loyalty, played hard and every kid under 12 knew every player on every team. I still remember them from this time. Most players, most teams. I cheered for Detroit, but, still watched, and enjoyed other players.

How many of you remember ABC’s Wide World of Sports? Do you remember the skier who wiped out during the opening? Well, if you don’t, you will now.

This next clip has to be seen to be believed. I’ve watched it a number of times, and I still don’t know what to think.

For those of you getting ready for golf season, here is a song proving that golfers can do more than just knock the rock around. “Slow Play” from Jake Trout and The Flounders. The group was formed in the early 80’w and was made up of Jake (Peter Jacobsen) and The Flounders (Mark Lye and the late Payne Stewart).

For the Nascar fans, you all know the Polish Victory Lap. It was created by the one, the only Alan Kulwicki after his first win.

If you are a fan of fastball, not baseball, the next two posts are for you. First, The King and his court. If you know them, you are old, second, Jennie Finch.

That ‘s all for today, so, enjoy, comment, send ideas and most of all…STAY SAFE.

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