Muddled World of Sports – ep 6

I do hope that you have enjoyed the posts so far. There have been some historical, hysterical, true, false and everything in between posts so far. Tonight to start the weekend, I am starting with darts, we haven’t done darts yet.

Hockey, as we know is on pause. We don’t know how long for, so , I am taking you back in time on this one just in case it’s a long wait.

I also have not done any nascar yet, so, here we go, one from back in the day when the cars were truly stock, and not the crap machines they run today.

Since I am giving you some Nascar racing, I may as well give you some Nascar music as well.

Also, another reason to buy Playboy…for the sports


  1. That is fine…that is why I built my index…now I won’t repeat any…it’s fun looking and learning…thanks for the reblogs!

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  2. The Simon and Garfunkle song I will do…The others I’ll check to see if I’ve done them…
    I need all the help with the brain cells I can get! Thanks Roger

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  3. i have a few titles for you to look up under the isolation theme…the last living boy in new york, simon and garfunkel. life on mars, bowie, and I’m so lonesome I could cry by hank williams. now for the positivity. I will survive by gloria gaynor. here comes the sun by the beatles. clean by taylor swift. walking on sunshine by katrina and the waves. keep doing what it is you do Max, you do it so well. hope these tweak a few brain cells. your friend …roger

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  4. Love Benny Hill…
    I live in the south so I didn’t really understand Hockey until later in my life. Nashville got the Predators and I have gone to games. It’s a great game to watch live.

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