Muddled World of Sports Ep. 5

After a chat with a fellow blogger, badfinger20, I figured putting some of one of the best World Series Championships that I remember would be a good idea. Here is The Big Red Machine of Cinci against the upstart A’s from Oakland. Charlie Finley’s Atheletics against the Reds.

Now, as you know, hockey is cancelled or suspended or paused, depending on how you look at it. The way I look at it, there is no hockey. Well, as a Toronto Maple Leafs fan since coming to Canada in 1967, I have been waiting for another Stanley Cup. I hope we win one while I am still around to cherish it. Here are highlights from the last cup win in Toronto, 53 years ago. That would have made Dave Keon 27. He celebrated his 80th birthday this week.

To keep the thread of futile seasons and supporting teams on a losing streak, I can go back one more year to 1966. That was the last year that England won the FIFA World Cup of Football, Beating Germany 4 – 2 in the final. They haven’t won since.

A bit of music now, some football themed music for your enjoyment.

For a little fun, cheerleaders. Always fun to watch. A bad cheerleader still makes an even worse game worth going to. Here is a mashup video of The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders going move to move with some US Army personnel.

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