Muddled World of Sports – ep 4

Took a day off yestrday, sorry.  I fully understand what that does to someone who is already deprived of their sport fix. So, today I am mixing it up a bit. First, I am playing to the soccer fans, or football as the majority of the world say. I don’t know where soccer came about as a name. While there is debate as to who was the greatest to play, you have to admit that one of the best was Best. Here is a clip of George Best, doing what he did best.

Now for something completely different. And this time it isn’t Python. It is archery. Not many of us know any great archers, but, one that comes to mind is always Robin Hood.

Hockey time. With the watered down version of hockey nowadays, thanks to the excessive number of teams and the lesser talent on each team, and the mamby pamby softening of the game by taking out fighting. Here is one from 1975…a true bench clearing brawl between the New York Islanders and the broad street bullies of Philadelphia.

More hockey, music this time….

Hope this helps for now. If there is anything you want….let me know.


  1. Let me check and see i I dont’ it…if I didn’t I’ll do it. Tomorrow is Elton…Ill check!


  2. Roger I’m missing baseball really bad but I’ve been watching the 70s World Series and even some 70s Superbowls to get a fix.

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