Fantasy work

It’s time for an adventure
Where and how is up to you
With fantastic tales and creatures
Where everything is new

Just use imagination
Pick a place nobody knows
Add a creature you invented
And let’s see where the tale goes…

Griffins, witches, warlocks
Are in books upon your shelves
In castles, caverns, forests
With dragons, orcs, and elves

There are unicorns and magic
Things fantastic, born of old
Leprechauns and fairies
Guarding mystic pots of gold

You can choose your own adventure
Make them all do what you wish
You can have birds with legs of lions
You can have dogs with heads of fish

The choice for each adventure
Is yours and yours alone
You can have a sword that glitters
Or one that is stuck inside a stone

Kings and Queens and Princes
Fighting quests to win one’s heart
With three headed bearded lizards
It’s up to you just where to start

A wall that moves at random
Stairs that lead up to the stars
Submarines and Narwhales
Time travelling in cars

An adventure full of wonder
With a dog that sees through walls
A cat who sees the future
And a mouse who does duck calls

The key to each adventure
Is in the books, that you will find
Give birth to what is hidden
Deep inside your mind

Add wings to a small pony
And make a creature that now flies
Add snakes in places of fingers
Try that one on for size

Mother goose this isn’t
This is fantasy by you
No one has set boundaries
Just do what you can do

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