The Devil and The Cowboys

The Devil and The Cowboys
Off in the distance
you could see the clouds forming
a blanket of white
on a canvas of blue
the wind was beginning
to give birth to some devils
and what was to come
only hardened men knew

“cut loose the horses”
let them run wild
we’ll get them all later
when the storm
has passed through
they’ll be safe in the canyon
the ones that aren’t broken
the devil is coming
and the sky still showed blue

lock down the horse barns
and lock up the cattle
the wind is beginning
it’ll be here real soon
out in the desert
when the wind starts to howling
it’ll bring up the dust
and it’ll block out the moon

The temperature dropped
and the sky had changed colour
the blue was now gone
it was now kind of grey
the clouds were still forming
you could see there behind them
a funnel of black
the devil at play

once it gets going
nothing can save you
get inside fast
and hunker down low
there’s a silence so eerie
before the train rumble
that only the older
cowboys do know

put out the fire
get low and stay hidden
the devils at play
and he’ll tear you apart
the wind is his plaything
and you’ll be his victim
he’ll skin you alive
and he’ll rip out your heart

the horses run wild
some may not make it
others will live
as they make for the caves
those we have broken
are at the mercy of nature
we’ll know once we’re done
just how many we saved

the wall of sand hit hard
a black sheet of horror
you could hear it outside
as it ripped at the wall
back in the corner
the young cowboys were shaking
the old one’s stood guard
against the devil’s strong call

for hours it raged
and it tore at the building
sand getting in
where the building  gave way
nobody spoke
until early next morning
they just sat and watched
the devil at play

silence, just silence
meant the storm was now over
the door was thrown open
the devastation was seen
the corral was empty
but, for two wild turkeys
and there was a single dead horse
where the stable had been

the devil spoke loudly
he sent quite a message
the horses are mine
they run wild and run free
i’ll keep the storms coming
this was the fourth in a decade
leave them to run
or you’ll all deal with me

the old cowboys looked round
and they took in the damage
lit up a fire
and said thank god we’re alive
we’ve made it through four
and we’ll rebuild even stronger
if we ever can hope
to get through storm number five

the will of a cowboy
and the will of the devil
one is much stronger
it’s as strong as the land
the devil will fight you
it’s just in his nature
but, the cowboy will win
because he’s part of the land

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