Oh Wicked Wanda and Little Annie Fanny

We all say we read Playboy magazine and Penthouse for the articles, letters and interviews. Sure, the pictorials were the real reason, but, both magazines had another treat for readers. They both had top notch cartoons by excellent artists and writers. Oh Wicked Wanda was the contribution to Penthouse and Playboy had Little Annie Fanny.

Little Annie Fanny
Book cover showing a Annie's face, smiling broadly

Little Annie Fanny Volume 1,
Dark Horse Comics, 2000
Author(s) Harvey Kurtzman
Current status / schedule Concluded
Launch date October 1962
End date September 1988
Publisher(s) Playboy Enterprises
Genre(s) Adult humor

Little Annie Fanny is a comics series by Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder. It appeared in 107 two- to seven-page episodes in Playboy magazine from October 1962 to September 1988. Little Annie Fanny is a humorous satire of contemporary American society and its sexual mores. Annie Fanny, the title character, is a statuesque, buxom young blonde woman who innocently finds herself nude in every episode. The series is notable for its painted, luminous color artwork and for being the first full-scale, multi-page comics feature in a major American publication.

Kurtzman, a cartoonist, created the series at the culmination of his career. He had launched Mad magazine, worked briefly for Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner and on a series of solo and collaborative projects, then returned to working for Hefner with Little Annie Fanny. Each episode of the comic strip was designed and written by Kurtzman and rendered in oiltempera, and watercolor by Elder. Hefner edited each episode, often requiring detailed changes to ensure that the series remained true to the magazine’s editorial style. Critical reaction was mixed, with most praising the elaborate, fully painted comic, but some dismissing it as falling short of Kurtzman’s full potential. The complete series was first collected into two volumes in 2000 and 2001 by Dark Horse Comics.

Oh, Wicked Wanda!

Wicked Wanda on cover of Penthouse
by Ron Embleton
Publication information
Publisher Penthouse
Genre satirical adult comic strip
Publication date 1969-1979
No. of issues Oh! Wicked Wanda
Main character(s) Wanda Von Kreesus
Homer Sapiens
J. Hoover Grud
German Grrrr (a parody of Germaine Greer)
Creative team
Written by Frederic Mullally
Artist(s) Ron Embleton, Brian Forbes

Oh, Wicked Wanda! was a British full-colour, satirical adult comic strip, written by Frederic Mullally, and drawn by Ron Embleton. The strip regularly appeared in Penthouse magazine from 1973 to 1980. In the 1960s, Ron Embleton, already a veteran comic book artist, had worked extensively for TV Century 21 comic, illustrating stories based on the television programmes StingrayThunderbirds, and Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, amongst others. For Wicked Wanda Embleton painted the panels in watercolour.[1] Frederic Mullally began his career in the 1940s as a journalist, and by the time of Wicked Wanda he had already become a successful novelist.

Prior to the illustrated strip format, the character of Wanda appeared as an illustrated story in Penthouse, from September 1969 through to October 1979. This was written by Mullally and illustrated by Brian Forbes.

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