Got my tan on

Experts say that the sun is stronger now than it was ever before. I believe it to a point. They tell us go out with SPF 8500 or more if you plan on being out in the sun for more than two breaths or a heartbeat.


I remember growing up and being tanned all summer long. No burns, just tanning. Then as I aged it was the “golfers” tan or “farmers” tan. You know, where your arms, face, neck and from the knees down are brown and the rest of you are whiter than the lead pack at a KKK meeting.


Well, the other day, I went and did some yard work. 15 minutes at most, since I don’t work that hard on weekends. I had a cigar. I picked up some sticks and put down some grass seed. Well, the sun didn’t do any damage to me as seen here.


Have a great summer tanning, and if you do find the SPF 8500, remember apply it every forty seconds or so.


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