These Hands

These hands have done it all
They’re tough as wire rope
They’ve fought to defend freedom
They’ve carried flags of hope

They’ve wiped away the salty tears
Of a mother, full of pride
They’ve folded up our nations flag
For a son, with honor, died

They’ve held a newborn really close
They’ve birthed a newborn calf
They’ve taken down a hundred men
And a hundred more, by half

These hands don’t represent me
But, these hands have done it all
They’ve done eight seconds on a bull
And they’ve broken through a wall

These hands are soft as leather
And as hard as Georgia Clay
What they did so long before
They can not do today

These hand are all arthritic
Crippled up, and full of pain
But,you know these hands would love just once
To grab that rope again

These hands are full of memories
Built for strength, and not for speed
These hands are built to hold you
Even now, that’s all I need

These hands, they tell my story
My life, is in these hands
I don’t look at them as crippled
I just look and think….These Hands….


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