Winter Olympic reboot

Every four years – ish. Just like the World Cup of pretty well….everything, comes the Olympics Winter and Summer, with a two year break between them. Medals, politics, doping issues, banned countries, new athletes, old heroes.

The games are the games, and shall forever be embroiled in controversy. It’s great to see athletes set personal bests, but, when their PB is 32nd and they are the best finisher your country has, why waste the money on sending them. Especially, if this is a country best as well, and you have never won a medal.

It’s great to see the story of bobsledders who made a sled out of wood and qualified, but, really….as good as the story is, the IOC is the only one making anything on it. It’s not fair that they make countries pay into the IOC Federation to compete in a sport where they entrants really have no chance at a medal.

Well, it’s time for a reboot. A big one.

How about land mines on the ski jump hill for those who don’t reach the landing point ? Random paintball shooters on the biathlon course taking aim at racers?

Do you get the point? The top athletes on the World Cup circuit are the ones who normally win here. Ban them. Make it an open entry system, open to non World Cup competitors.

You know going in, that unless someone has a day like they have never had in their sporting history, that the winner of each event is going to come form a select group of athletes. This makes the games no different than a regular World Cup event.

Redneck up the games. Now. New events, snowball throwing for distance and accuracy. Make the biathlon a race around the track carrying a six pack of beer and then each lap, they stop, drink one and then throw a snowball at a tin can on the fence.

Shot put….just like the summer, but with a snowball. Javelin, but, throwing a ski for distance. Rolling the biggest snowball, like the base of a snowman for distance, when it stops rolling, so do you. Running down the ski hill through the gates in work boots. Broomball…get the idea.

Come up with your sports and submit them to the Redneck IOC or post them here as a comment. It’s time to change the games, and make them more game related.


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