ghost bikes

It seems that every corner
Has a tribute for someone
A bouquet of dead flowers
For the dead, to think upon

Our town is  just littered
I’d say it has more than I like
Of those memorial statues
Painted white, eerie ghost  bikes

At night you know the spirits
Come back just for a ride
The bike, it is a portal
Bringing spirits to this side

To some they are needed
It helps them all to cope
But, to me it is just ghastly
That freezes all your hope

Ghost bikes keep you grounded
They stop you moving on
You aren’t living in the present
Being chained to one who’s gone

Put a parking lot for ghost bikes
At the cemetary with the stones
There you can sit and think in silence
Just you and all those bones

I know the bikes have meaning
But to me they just show pain
Move them from the public eye
It’s time for ghosts to cut the chain


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