my christmas tree

Here is a poem of mine called My Christmas Tree

My Christmas tree
Is not the same as yours
You see, my tree is in my mind
It can’t be bought in stores

It’s made up of a lot of things
I couldn’t ever, ever buy
And I put them on my Christmas Tree
Using my minds eye

The star atop my Christmas tree
Is as bright as bright can be
My tree topper  is The North Star
It’s the brightest one you see

For tinsel, I use icicles
That Mother Nature made
By hitting us with an ice storm
With devastation laid

For ornaments, I have my pick
There is so much there to choose
With a winter pallet so diverse
With whites, reds, greens and blues

For lights, I use the stars again
And street lights as I need
I let them shine and light my tree
It’s the brightest tree indeed

In my mind my tree is ten feet tall
With gifts piled half as high
But, in reality, there is no tree
It’s just in my minds eye

You see, I am a prisoner
Of machines and stuck in doors
I haven’t had a Christmas Tree
Since Nineteen Eighty Four

But, still I choose to celebrate
Giving gifts and sending cards
But I lie here looking outward
So, going out, well…it’s too hard

My tree, it is incredible
And the best part, I must say
Is that I can enjoy it all year round
And when I’m done, it goes away

No needles dropping on my floor
No checking strands of lights
My tree, it shows up when I want
And it’s always out of sight

I wish you could walk in my mind
And share my tree with me
It’s ten feet tall, and beautiful
And it’s just for me to see.

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