The Christmas Party

Santa sat and looked about the mess that lay before him
“How will I get these gifts all wrapped and gone by Christmas morning?”
The workshop looked as though it had been hit by a Tornado
But instead it was all the fault of rum he brought back from Tobago
A little shot in the elves egg nog would make them all work faster
But, as he saw the end result was short of a disaster
The more they drank the more they all got up and danced on tables
And in the end elf Juniper was left wearing only labels
She looked quite good despite her age, she was just about six thirty
And what she did with candy canes…well, you can say it was quite dirty
The paper stretched from room to room, many miles were unravelled
Santa looked at the mess again, and thought “It’s high time that I travelled”
He left the North to make a trip to hire cleaning staff
But , turned the reindeer right around, because he knew they’d laugh
How do you tell a person that you are about to hire
That the mess that they will soon clean up, is because my elves were wired
Santa thought that magic would be just the way to go
He would use it to clean up the mess, and nobody would know
The only problem with this stunt is that magic has a rule
He can only use it Christmas eve, it was not his private tool
The toys were strewn everywhere, and most were broke or nicked
He would have to wake the elves all up and to start things getting fixed
So, if you wake up Christmas morn and there is nought beneath your tree
Don’t worry, Santas late, he should be there by three
He left a little late this year, but he will be by real quick
And he swore to never serve elves booze, or his name is not Saint Nick!

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