please read this amazing piece of writing from my friend Mike Steeden.


albino 2

How does one balance the subjectivity of ethics, of incorruptibility, against the primeval, innate response to the simplicity of human touchnow that he understands desire?Now that he has an appetite for more of the same?” Simple enough questions to answer were she an adept physiologist. Regrettably, she is not.  One thing is for certain, for beyond doubt she knows that when death’s door finally invites, he must journey beside her. He would never survive abandoned.

Damage done? A fallible catastrophe? A naiveté abused? A grownup innocence corrupted? Or, rather a goodness curtesy of love’s own curious offerings? She decides that, against all odds, in spite of all the unanswerable questions, she has found in her damaged ‘lost but now found again’ lover, an inexperienced, gentle giant, a perhaps calculable yet nevertheless inexplicable rekindled love. The kiss they shared, on Pont de l’Archevêché, Paris the night the war…

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