Loss levels

Everyone loses someone in their lifetime. Whether it be family, a friend, a hero, a pet, or someone you have never met…like a celebrity.

It always hurts in some way. It’s a sliding scale I guess. Family is the worst, especially if you are close. If not, it still hurts, but, since they weren’t in your life that much anyway…it’s more a feeling of regret of lost times.

Pets, there is no level. It just hurts. It goes away, but, it hurts like hell.

Friends, and hero’s….it’s painful. You miss your friend, and even though they are gone, it doesn’t hurt as bad as family.

Then, there are celebrity deaths. I find musicians death are more upsetting to me….because so many of my life experiences can be related to through music. I travel in time through an old song….movies, yeah…but, music more so.

Yesterday we lost MTM, The Great Mary Tyler Moore, it’s sad, but, it doesn’t elicit the same feeling as say, John Lennon. I grew up watching her, but, she was eighty years old….it was not as much of a shock. I remember watching shows with her in them, but, I can’t tell you where I was. But with music, I can.

John Candy, Belushi, they hurt, shock value mostly. But, even though MTM is gone, it wasn’t as much of a surprise. She will always be Mary Richards in Minnesota, or Laura Petrie…..and she will always be Mary Tyler Moore…..icon.



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