Cigar Smoking

I know….smoking is bad for you. Well….screw that. Cigar smoking is one of the last refuges of relaxation left to us. It isn’t your old man’s cigar you’re smoking anymore. The newer blends, newer flavors, and the quality of the cigars on the market today, are not the low end nickel smokes from days gone by.

The mystique of a good Cuban Cigar is still there, but, if you’ve never had one…how do you know how much better it will be than the cigars you are presently smoking?

We’ve all had the occasional smoke….you know…the “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” cigar that our friends gave out. They were stale to begin with and inferior. So, if you ever did truly light one up….you decided then and there to avoid cigars altogether. They tasted bad, they smelled bad and they were too smoky and offensive to people around them. Well, times have changed.

The big mistake that a lot of cigarette smokers make when trying a cigar, is that they inhale the smoke the same way they do a cigarette. Bad move…no filter….pure smoke….not a good result. There is a ritual, a process to follow when lighting and smoking a cigar, be it good or bad….if you follow these suggestions laid out in the attached video clip, you will enjoy your cigars for years to come. So, sit back, relax, pour a shot of your favorite whiskey, and light up a stick…..I am…in fact I’m having an old fashioned made with Old Grandad Bourbon (100 proof) and a Rocky Patel Prohibition. Talk to you in about an hour and a half.





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