Hockey Parents are crazy (part 1)

I must state, this is my opinion. In as far as I have not met a lot of American hockey parents, I will just say….this is my opinion of Canadian hockey parents.

Now, I played hockey as a kid, and a teenager, and I coached it for eleven years, convened for three, and served on the executive of a local association for three years. In all of my time around the game, I have come to the conclusion….parents are nuts. Not just nuts about the game, but, they are in a world that doesn’t really exist outside of their own heads.

Case in point, while waiting to meet a friend of mine at the rink to head out drinking one night, (he was a ref…but, don’t hold that against him), I watched a game he was working between two house league teams of 7 or 8 year olds. Nothing spectacular here, one kid skates better than the rest, and is suddenly the team super star. Well, I was standing in the corner watching, the play ends up in the corner. Puck comes in, eight skaters come in after it…two following the play on their ankles. In the ensuing scrum, the puck comes loose, six kids get up to follow the puck, two kids still making their way on their ankles. What happened to the other two? Well, one started swinging at the other wildly with both hands, windmill style…both try to get up but, both end up just wrestling around.

Before the ref could get there, the aggressor’s mom (I assumed) was standing beside me just screaming her fool head off…”hit him” “kill him” “hit him”….like she was at a wrestling match. It was obscene. No other parents were around her. The ref had sorted out the two boys and sent them to the penalty box for two minutes each. She continued berating the ref at this point. Now, I didn’t know her boy, or for that matter any of the kids on the ice, but, after watching this display of extreme fandom, I casually sauntered over to her.

“Was #8 your son?”, I asked. She confirmed he was. “Well,” I said, looking her in the eye..”the boy he was beating up, was my son and I would like to take him home in the same condition I brought him here in”.  She looked at me….said nothing, gathered her purse and walked away. No doubt, planning on her revenge for next game. Hockey parents are crazy.




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