Awards Season

I have noticed in the past few years that I have been less and less interested once the “phony baloney” awards season starts. You know, Golden Globes, Oscars, Grammys, People’s Choice….and the like.

It started a few years ago, with the Grammy Awards, I knew fewer artists (I use that term loosely) that were nominated. Then, rock became poppish, hip hop and rap had more award categories, and it was just boring pap. So, I stopped watching them.

The American Music Awards, same thing. It took a little longer, but, the same end result….and I knew fewer here than the Grammy’s.

There were always the People’s Choice Awards, although nobody ever asked me to vote and give my choice….they weren’t bad. Then, suddenly, it changed….shows I had never heard of, and didn’t pick up on my cable package started winning. Movies I had never heard of started winning….and rap and hip hop took over. Bye Bye.

The CMA’s and ACMA’s got to be the same thing. Who has heard a country song with a truck AND a horse in it? Not me. Rap and Hip Hop…yep. Bye Bye.

The Golden Globes lost me this year…..don’t know anyone. The Oscars are a carbon copy of the Globes…..bye bye Oscar.

Looks like I’m down to the Tony awards, and I’m one foot out the door already with Hamiliton.






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