It’s snowing….a lot. We are in the middle of a streamer that should be dumping on us until sometime late tonight.

She who shall not be named and myself, are hunkering down to watch tv. Now that the Lions are out of the playoffs, we won’t be watching football. Sad that they lost, but, they were out of their league. They still have a lot of work to do to be a top rated team that puts fear into the hearts of their opponents.

Do you hear that Mrs. Ford.?

Back to the snow. It’s still falling. Not one kid out anywhere knocking on doors to shovel driveways…not one. We would have been out from the first snow flake as kids. This is money making weather….or should I say it was, back in the day. Now, kids don’t have the get up and go to shovel….it may take them away from their game systems.

We aren’t going anywhere until tomorrow afternoon….so….the snow can keep falling and I’ll blow out the driveway tomorrow before we leave. Unless, a kid comes up and knocks on the door….him….or her…I’ll pay. But, I’m not holding my breath….for that, or a Lion Super Bowl game any time soon.

Time for a hot chocolate.



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