Saturday Mornings

I remember Saturday mornings as a kid, for the cartoons first and foremost. As time went on there were other things, but, initially…it was the cartoons. Popeye, Superman, Batman, Bugs Bunny, Space Ghost, Johnny Quest….those were my Saturday morning babysitters.

We would eat honey comb, or trix, or rice crispies in front of the tv, out of Tupperware bowls. The rounded plastic ones in the blue, green colours. That was our morning until our parents got up.

After that, it was off to the shops, for groceries, where we would be left at the front with the gumball machines…or outside to sit with our baseball cards, or comics. Department stores were altogether different….we would be dropped in the home electronics area with 20 kids watching the giant wall of televisions. No parents….just kids and televisions.

As I got older, Saturday morning was for road hockey, golf, pickup games of baseball….anything that would get us out of the house once the sun was up. But, there were still the Saturday morning cartoons. They were always there.

Later on, it was part time jobs, grass cutting, chores, and girls….but, still the cartoons were there to comfort us, and take us back a few years.

Today, I was downstairs with the television on…I couldn’t find a cartoon program on at all. Weather, news, sports and DIY all over the place…no Popeye, Scooby Doo, Spider-Man…none. You have to have the cable subscription to the cartoon network for those….and then,  they aren’t what I grew up with. There are still the super friends, or a version….done in anime format (we didn’t know about that as kids) where all of the characters are short, and dumpy. Not my cartoons.

I’m too old for Saturday morning sports now….playing or watching. As for the shops, we stay away from them on the weekends. Super malls replaced my Department stores, and you sure as hell don’t leave a kid alone anywhere …..either to buy gumballs or watch television. But, then again, unless you are at a K-mart…you can hardly find a gumball machine anywhere….I mean, who wants to pay a quarter for a gumball now?

Saturday mornings sure have changed. I miss them.




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