world junior hockey

Who cares?

I enjoy hockey, but, it’s still a game….and only a game. Wars are not won over a hockey game result, although you would think that some were started over it.

The IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship just ended in Montreal, won by the United States. They beat Canada….in a shootout. Not the result I wanted, won in a format I don’t enjoy….the shootout. But, the rules are “winner picked by shootout after twenty minute overtime”. So, the world of political correctness and fast food, chooses the winner of a classic game, by running a skills competition…..sad.

For some of these kids, and remember, that they are still kids….this could be as close as they ever get to a Stanley Cup….so, don’t cheapen it with a shootout deciding the victor. Overtime isn’t used in The Stanley Cup finals, the Memorial Cup, University Cup etc….so, why is it used here?


I checked the paper this morning, no war has been declared between the two countries. There are a lot of depressed people in Canada today, who weren’t at the game, and most likely can’t spell IIHF, but, that’s another story.

The game was well played on both sides, regardless of the result…(not a war declaration), and kudos should go to the Canadian boys as well for a fine effort.

There’s always next year, and who knows…with Trump in power…if Canada does win in Buffalo….war might get declared.



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