“Squat” challenge

I’m not one for athletic pursuits anymore….I used to be….but, not any more. Bad knees, heart issues, torn rotator cuff….well, you get the picture. It isn’t pretty…it never really was…it was good….but, never pretty.

I always worked hard at sport…and in some cases I achieved more than some…but, not as much as those truly gifted with the talent to be graceful, fluid, and noticed at their sport. I was a good golfer (still am to some extent)…a better than average baseball player…and well….fair at most other athletic pursuits.

Simple challenges that I used to handle with ease, or minimal effort are now chores. I labor up stairs…I can’t throw a ball across the yard, let alone throw batting practice for an hour like I used to. Running….hah! Not a chance of that….I did it last year for a bus, and it took me most of the trip home to catch my breath (under the watchful eye of the driver). I think he thought I would stroke out.

Now, thanks to the internet and facebook, there are all sorts of physical challenges…the plank challenge, push-up challenge, and the squat challenge. None, I might add…that I will try. Not because I don’t want to get fit, but, because I don’t want to die in the attempt.

The plank challenge for me involves falling asleep on my stomach, under supervision of course. The push-up….that’s for when I fall asleep on my stomach….total number of reps is normally one….and it isn’t pretty.

Today, I did, grudgingly take part in the squat challenge. Not the one you think of….25 squats per day and increasing reps over time. It was just one…nothing special…and as you probably are aware…nothing pretty. I dropped my keys…I asked my wife to pick them up….she told me “no”. I had to get them myself….thereby forcing me to do my squat. She challenged me…I did it. It hurt.




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