so far….so good

So 2017 has been good so far in a few areas. Book sales for my book “The Christmas Ponies” are still posting….that’s good. Celebrity deaths….the number is down from last year….also good.

At this time last year I had one book out…”The Christmas Ponies”….now, it is available in French, German and a coloring book….or colouring book…depending on how you choose to spell it. I also have two other books out “I am not a hero” and “Death Came to Town and other Western Tales”. 2017 should be as productive, if not more so with a few more projects on the go, and requests for a “ponies” sequel. The great thing about all of the books is that at one point or another all of them….ALL OF THEM!!!  were in the top 50 on or in their respective categories at some point during the year.

Now, for the celebrity deaths. It seemed that every day last year, somebody famous had died. By January 4, 2016 half of my facebook friends were in mourning for some celebrity or other, as it seemed that by this date last year almost half of the famous people in the world had died…the rest would die later in the year.

As of now, only Alan Williams, first manager of The Beatles has died and Charles Manson is in hospital. So…numbers are down, and that’s good too. I am back writing more this year already, as evidenced by my blog posts and work on a new poem “Making Music on The Sunset Strip” that I am messing with….also a good thing.

Well, it happened. There is now a sequel to Ponies, called “Sarah and The Christmas Ponies” illustrated by Colin Bailey. Colin and I also teamed up earlier in the year to complete “The Galumphers colouring book”. Both of these are also up on amazon as well.

So…as I said…so far…so good.

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