A New Year is Upon Us

First and foremost, Happy New Year. January 1st, fresh start, clean slate.

2016 was a bad year in a lot of areas, most particularly celebrity and sports icon deaths. But, death is part of the circle of life…and so on and so on. People are going to  die, and with the world becoming smaller and more compact daily from social media access, it seemed that each celebrity death hit us all hard, as if we knew them personally.

Well, some of you might had, some of you might have thought you did, others felt as if you did, and then, there were those like me, who mourned losing a hero (Gordie Howe, Arnold Palmer), but still moved on. It was tough, but, in the grand scheme of things, people die…and it hurts.

This coming year, I hope to write more…..stories, blog posts like this….which is a new thing to me, and poems. It was a good year for the books in 2016, donating to various charities and completing more publishing projects.

The year ended with my wife retiring after thirty six years of work and starting a new phase in our life together. It’s going to be exciting.

As always, the Santa beard came off today, and I will be once again starting the New Year fresh faced, and clean shaven. We’ll see how long that lasts.

There are traditions to be followed, prime rib for New Years Dinner, and I am sure new ones to be forged throughout the coming year. There will be more loss as well. If there isn’t, then life has come to a standstill. New friendships will be formed, others will grow stronger, and some will fall to the wayside. It’s just the way things go….you come in, stay awhile, and either drop out and choose another path, or stick around for a bit, and enjoy the time we have.

There are new topics to write on, experiences to share, bourbons to try and cigars to experiment with.

This will be the 50th Anniversary of my arrival in Canada, so, in our family, it’s a big thing.

Best wishes to everyone for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2017. I look forward to reading your comments this year, your work, and your musings in general.

So, for now….I bid you adieu….I’m off to watch the hockey game between Toronto and Detroit.





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