Christmas in Khandahar – Roger Turner

On Christmas Day we wake up
We’ve no stocking on our bed
We’ve got a plastic kit box
taking up space there instead
You see, we aren’t at home with you
Even though you wish we are
We’re celebrating Christmas
Over here in Khandahar

A big Merry Christmas to friends and family
of Cpl. Mike Cannandale of St. Louis, Missouri, USA

We have our turkey dinner too
Stuffing, taters, pumpkin pie
We all sit here telling stories
And it’s hard just not to cry
so, we do, because we’re not back home
Having Christmas like you all
But, we’re over here in Khandahar
Because we all answered the call

Merry Christmas to all friends and family of Liuetenant James Mc Caskill
of Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England

We have a snowman by our tent
He’s made of plywood, painted white
Thank god, we made no snowballs up
We’d get splinters  in a fight
We go to church and pray for peace
And wish we could go home
But, over here at Christmas time
There’s just no where to roam

Merry Christmas to friends and family of
Captiain John Watson, PPCLI, in Greenwood, Nova Scotia, Canada

We made our videos last week
To send you our best wishes
We’d all love to be back with you
Washing up those Christmas dishes
For now, we are one family
Joined in heart, and soul and mind
Having a Christmas meal in Khandahar
The best meal of it’s kind

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to friends
and family, of Marine Master Sgt. Tim Wilcox, Plano, Texas, USA

Next year we will be home with you
Having Christmas as we should
Praying for peace, hope and prosperity
And all things that are good
for now though, we are over here
missing you this Christmas Day
We just hope you’re thinking of us
As we keep the foe at bay

Merry Christmas to all the friends, family, co-workers and supporters
of all the soldiers in War Zones everywhere, who can’t be at home this Christmas
May they all get home safe.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


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