Help for Tennessee

All royalties from the sales of “I am not a Hero” and “Death Came to Town and Other Western Tales” will be donated to charities aiding families in Tennessee.


The fire chief in Woodstock, Ontario (thirty miles from me) lost his parents in the wild fires. They were visiting the area and were lost to the fires. So, in their memories, and for friends in Woodstock….where we used to live as well…..I am donating royalties from these books to charities in the state.

You can find both books on ,, , and .

In memory of fire chief Tegler’s parents…help where you can.

If you don’t want to buy the books, then at this Christmas Season donate where you can to help.


Roger Turner



  1. thanks so much. we are working on getting in contact with the fire chief in Woodstock, Ontario…he lost both of his parents to the fires.
    you know I appreciate your continued support. btw…we are donating 25 copies of The Christmas Ponies Coloring Book, along with 25 boxes of crayons to kids in hospital tomorrow.


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