waiting for my i.t. team

Power went down twice today

Once was just a flicker
In fact in terms of laughter
I would call that one a snicker

The second time we lost it all
The house went cold and dark
So, I got the dogs both on a leash
And I took them to the park

Five hours passed before they came
And said “The power’s back”
It was just then I started to
Have an I.T heart attack

I’m not one for computers
The phone, or tablet too
They had gone down with the internet
And I knew not what to do

Each electronic item
That resides inside this place
Defaults to needing passwords
And well, me…I’m so off base

I couldn’t watch the tv
The computer screen just stared
It kept asking for a password
and I admit, I was a bit scared

I didn’t phone my spouse to tell him
That I didn’t have a clue
I’d wait for my young daughter
She’d know just what to do

In our house things are different
We never phone up a help line
Our kids reset the passwords
And our kids are eight and nine

They’ll fix what I can’t restart
They’ll get me back on the tv
And the best things with this I.T team
Is that all their help is free.


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