Bucket List: Alaska 

why leave Kentucky for Alaska? Bourbon is better where you are….is this Brandy’s Christmas wish?


Previously I told ya that I wanted to begin writing about the items on my bucket list. I began with NYC and today it’s Alaska!I think I fell in love with the state of Alaska when I was about 6 years old. It all started after I saw this commercial on tv for “Wildlife Treasury;” a kind of learning system that taught kids about animals, birds, fish and insects from all over the world; species and places I never knew existed- and I wanted it!! I gave my momma the phone number and to my surprise I began to receive a few packs of nature cards through the mail every month!! The cards came with a cool green plastic box so you could keep your them safe and organized. Those cards were my most valued treasure. I cared for and protected those cards like they were bars of gold.

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