Turn off The Sun

The sun was shining brightly
My eyes could not adjust
My eyelids were not working
My eyeballs felt like rust

The night before was over
But, still it lingered on
A new day was beginning
And yesterday was gone

I can’t tell you just what happened
Where I went, or what I did
That memory was missing
It had all but gone and hid

Was my mind just in denial
Hiding thoughts within my brain
Or was it just that all this drinking
Was slowly driving me insane

I would wake up tasting yesterday
In a place I did not know
Sometimes with another person
Looking for a way to go

The sunshine could be painful
Reminding me a day had passed
I just never could remember
The thoughts would leave so fast

Maybe it was self protection
But, if I bet, I’d say…it’s not
I know I went out  drinking
But just how much, or really…what

Tonight, I’ll repeat all  my actions
It’s just a habit, I can’t break
There’s no way to fight this devil
There’s more than just my soul at stake

The devil drives my ride now
He sitcks around, just for a while
But. I know he’s in the darkness
Watching his work with a smile

The sunshine hurts my skin now
My eyes are squinted shut
In my head I hear the rumble
Of empty blackness in my gut

Another day of sorrow
I just can’t change the way I live
The devil takes from deep inside me
And what he takes…I freely give

One day, I’ll wake up sober
I’ll remember all I have done
But, if I don’t survive the battle
Can someone please turn off the sun?


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