Pay The Piper

I’m conflicted by addictions
Choices to be made
Some come with restrictions
The piper must be paid

A small drink after dinner
A smoke out in the yard
Conflicted by addictions
The choices are quite hard

Temptation’s round the corner
It’s where ever you may look
You’re a small fish in the ocean
And the devil baits the hook

Choices are wide open
There are many to be made
But, no matter your direction
The piper must be paid

Compulsive interactions
May drive the train you ride
The devil’s the conductor
And he’s there right by your side

The devil’s in the details
And one day the bill is due
You have to pay the piper
For the choices made by you

He doesn’t want your money
He hooked you, that’s his goal
Your addictive interactions
Cost you dearly with your soul

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